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This powerful application is designed to identify, register and control visitor traffic in schools, hospitals, banks, and commercial or public buildings in general.

ID Witness Flex - Visitor Control is a *self-contained system with digital cameras used to capture images of visitors and their identification document. The images are recorded in the system and, after obtaining entry clearance, a custom pass is printed to allow visitors access to authorized areas, during the date or time period approved.

This system, efficient and easy to use, is designed to control visitor activity in restricted areas, keep track of the number of people who remain inside the building at a particular time of day, pre-register visitors, and have access to the daily, weekly or monthly volume of visitors, among other functions.

Through a quick and effective process of entry and exit control, ID Witness Flex helps minimize the time of registration and ID verification, while increasing the level of security within your building.

*Note: ID Witness Visitor Control is a self-contained processing unit that DOES NOT require an additional computer to operate.


-Residential Buildings - Visitor Management
-Commercial Buildings - Visitor Management
-Schools - Visitor Management
-Hospitals - Visitor Management
-Freight Forwarders - Visitor Management

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