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ATM Security Black Box - Integrated Security for ATMs

The ATM Security Black Box is an electronic system, unique in style, designed for the full protection and remote monitoring of ATMs and for the supervision and recording of cash withdrawal transactions.

Important financial institutions and ATM networks have significantly reduced losses thanks to the implementation of the ATM Security Black Box.

Its modular and high-tech concept makes it possible to obtain the benefits of various security systems individually or integrated in a single system:

This innovative ATM security system is made up of the following modules:

Recording and video transmission module – Standard (included)

This module consists of a digital video recording system with high-resolution cameras for supervising the reloading area, the client’s lobby, cash dispenser and critical areas that allow the detection of any criminal activity or the placement of devices for cloning cards and capturing users’ passwords.

Additional modules

Theft and/or Fire Protection

System equipped with smoke and temperature sensors, magnetic sensors and vibration and leveling sensors for the prevention of unauthorized intrusion, drilling, impact, rupture or movement of the cash dispenser.

Recording of Transactions and Data

IP interface for extracting data, compatible with the best known ATM brands. The equipment withdraws the information trail from any transaction and superimposes it over the recorded images that can be used as evidence.

Communication and customer care

Verbal communication module for customer communication with the monitoring center in the event of an emergency.

Report of events via network or wirelessly

Transmission of alarm signals via various communication routes such as the Internet, GPRS, Cellular telephony
ATM Security Black Box - Integrated Security for ATMs
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ATM Security Black Box:
Integrated Security for ATM’s
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