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ID Witness SB  Digital Image Capturing System

ID Witness is a digital image recording system for bank or commercial transactions, designed to prevent identity or document fraud. Its “Self-contained” design makes it easy to install in bank windows, currency exchange kiosks and financial institutions, since all its components are included in the unit which takes up very little space. More...

ID Witness Flex -  Check Fraud and Identity Fraud Prevention System

ID Witness Flex-I belongs to the new generation of products for bank security that, through its new electronic and computer platform, offers the flexibility to adapt its functions to the specific requirements of each banking institution, merely by developing the specific application. ID Witness Flex-I is the new solution for recording bank transactions, performing check authentication, biometric verification, and capturing electronic signatures, among other functions.  More...

ATM Security Black Box - Integrated Security for ATMs

The ATM Security Black Box is an electronic system, unique in style, designed for the full protection and remote monitoring of ATMs and for the supervision and recording of cash withdrawal transactions. Important financial institutions and ATM networks have significantly reduced losses thanks to the implementation of the ATM Security Black Box.   More...

Check and Identity Fraud Prevention
Available Applications:
ATM Security Black Box:
Integrated Security for ATM’s
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